Enhanced PDPA for Businesses


Enhanced Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

The enhanced PDPA is part of ongoing efforts to enhance protection of personal data while supporting organisations to thrive amidst new technology, business models and global developments in the digital economy.

Harnessing Data Confidently

The enhanced PDPA can help businesses by unlocking opportunities and future innovation, upkeeping and strengthening customers' trust through accountability, as well as innovating with better use of data to provide enhanced product offerings and personalised services to customers.

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How the Enhanced PDPA Can Help Grow Your Business
How the Enhanced PDPA Will Benefit You (thumbnail)
The enhanced PDPA will enable you to use data to innovate, secure and grow your business in today’s digital economy.

Need Help?

The PDPC has a suite of tools and resources to help organisations implement data protection policies and practices. Find out more below.

sample List of DP Service Providers
This directory provides reference to the data protection services available in Singapore.
 work Business Owners
Learn how Business Owners can successfully turn data protection into a competitive advantage for their organisation.
cert DP Professionals
Learn how DP Professionals can implement good data protection policies and practices for their organisation.