List of Data Protection Service Providers

This directory is meant to provide a basic reference to the data protection services that may be available in Singapore. This is to promote greater access to organisations seeking to obtain such services in Singapore.

Please note that this directory is not meant to be exhaustive and may comprise only a sample of the service providers that are operating in Singapore. The directory will only be updated from time to time, and may not contain the most current information of the service providers listed. The PDPC does not represent or warrant that the information available on this directory will be accurate or up-to-date.

A listing of a service provider in this directory does not signify that the service provider is in any way accredited, endorsed or certified by the PDPC. It also does not imply a referral or recommendation by the PDPC. Please exercise due care and judgment prior to engaging any of the service providers.

Any engagement of the service provider is strictly on a private basis between the service provider and yourself, and the PDPC is not a party to such an engagement. You are therefore solely responsible for the private engagements that you may enter into with the service providers. If there is a disagreement arising from the engagement with the service provider, you may wish to seek independent legal advice.

A. Legal Advisors for Personal Data Protection 

Please refer to The Law Society of Singapore's directory for the list of lawyers that provide legal advice on personal data protection.

B. Data Protection Training Providers

For information on data protection training, please refer to the DPO Competency Framework and Training Roadmap. 

C. Data Protection Digital Tools

The following list of Digital Marketing and CRM solutions supported by IMDA's SMEs Go Digital, helps to prevent accidental disclosure of others' email addresses. 

Category Solution Website
CRM Deskera For more information on these CRM solutions, you can visit the Tech Depot website.
CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
CRM SAP Business One
Digital Marketing Mail Chimp

For more information, you can visit IMDA SMEs Go Digital Start Digital Packs.

To apply for the digital packs, you can visit the Start Digital Packs website.


D. Cyber Security Services

Please refer to this link for the listing of Cyber Security services such as vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cyber threat monitoring and protection and digital forensic, in SGTech's Singapore Cyber Security and Data Protection Ecosystem 2019/20 publication.

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