Highlights from Singapore's Privacy Awareness Week

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At the Singapore’s Privacy Awareness Week 2024, experts and subject leaders came together to share insights on how businesses can contribute to a safer digital experience while leveraging data for innovation and growth.


In an era dominated by digital interactions, the way businesses handle personal data has never been more critical. As consumers increasingly share their information online, businesses face the challenge of protecting their customers’ data while using it to unlock potential for their business.


The intersection of data protection and cutting-edge technology, such as Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), offers businesses a unique opportunity to enhance transparency, accountability, and security in their operations. By adopting robust data protection measures and leveraging technologies with confidence, businesses can build trust with their customers and create a safer digital experience.


Through a series of webinars and exciting activities, we explore how data protection officers (DPOs) and businesses can gain a better awareness of their evolving roles in today’s complex regulatory landscape and navigate it smoothly.




Webinar: Making Smart Business Decisions with Data and AI

Organised by IMDA & Microsoft


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In this exclusive event for registered DPOs, over 600 participants learned basic anonymisation techniques and practical applications of technology to improve decision-making and business outcomes. Key takeaways from the workshop included:

  • Demystifying barriers to digitalisation and learning about potential growth opportunities by leveraging digitalisation;
  • Insights on practical applications of data analytics and AI for better decision-making and business outcomes; and
  • Basic anonymisation techniques and processes to enable safe and responsible data use.

Over 70% of the participants found the webinar to be useful for their work, with 61% reporting substantial improvement in their knowledge of data analytics and AI after the webinar.



Webinar: Navigating Personal Data Protection and Data Breaches

Organised by Singapore Institute of Directors (SID)


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Data protection practitioners shared their insights into how guidelines by the PDPC can help companies prevent and manage data breaches. At this interactive session, participants got to experience a data breach simulation to better prepare them to face such incidents at the board level. Key takeaways from the workshop included:

  • The board’s role in ensuring a good culture of accountability in managing personal data;
  • Developing a data breach management plan, including the C.A.R.E framework, and the various steps that an organisation should take in the event of a data breach; and
  • Key learnings from past data breach cases.



In this dynamic data-driven landscape, the role of a data professional is multifaceted. A 2020 [1] survey conducted on DPOs found that over 60% of DPOs are in fact are double-hatting in their roles. At its core, the role of a data professional is defined by a unique blend of domain expertise, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities, encompassing a diverse spectrum of core competencies and job functions, all the way from entry-level data protection executives to regional data protection senior management roles.



Being a registered DPO with PDPC offers more than just compliance. Being part of the DPO community provides access to valuable resources and exclusive industry events that can be beneficial for the growth of the role of a DPO and provide you with specific skills needed for success.

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[1] Survey on DPOs in Singapore 2020 by DPEX: https://www.dpexnetwork.org/articles/issues-and-challenges-faced-data-protection-officers-singapore-part-i