Data Sharing Arrangements

The PDPC recognises that there are constantly new and emerging developments in technology and business models to bring about innovation and new products and services to customers.

To help organisations move faster, we are prepared to work with them to create regulatory sandboxes that will allow data to be used and shared accountably beyond the confines of the PDPA.

Applying for Data Sharing Arrangements

Organisations may submit an application for the data sharing arrangements to be exempted from one or more obligations under the PDPA on a case-by-case basis. 

The data sharing arrangements have to meet all the criteria below:

  • The data is shared with a specified group for a specified period of time;
  • The data is shared for defined and specific purposes; and
  • The sharing is not likely to have adverse impact to the individual, or the benefits to the public outweigh any adverse impact to the individual.

Please refer to the Exemption Requests page or the Trusted Data Sharing Framework for more information.