Do Not Call Registry Business Rules

Creating a DNC Registry Account

To use the services on the DNC Registry, you will need to apply for a main account on the DNC Registry website

Each organisation/individual is allowed to apply for only one main account. You may create one or more sub-accounts to allow more than one user to perform telephone number checks against the DNC Registry. 

Information required for registration is as follows:

  • For overseas organisations not registered or present in Singapore
    • Company registration information
    • Phone/utility bill
    • A user ID will be issued upon successful application.

If you are checking the DNC Registry on behalf of another organisation(s), please indicate the name of the organisation(s) on the declaration page during the account creation process. The list can be amended subsequently.

Upon successful creation of the account, an activation link will be sent to the email address provided. 

DNC Registry Account Creation Fees

  Organisations Individuals 
Description  Main account Sub-account Main account
1-time fee
(inclusive of 9% GST)


($65.40 if organisation is not registered in Singapore)

$32.70 $32.70
Free credits
(valid for one year)
1,000 annually  None 1,000 annually

Checking the DNC Registry

No Voice Call Register No Text Message Register No Fax Message Register
For phone calls For texts including Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) For faxes

Check the relevant Register(s) before sending telemarketing messages. Only 8-digit numbers starting with 3, 6, 8 or 9 will be accepted by the system.

There are two methods to submit telephone numbers for checking:

  • Small Number Lookup
    • Up to 10 telephone numbers may be submitted at a time. Results will be displayed immediately.
  • Bulk Filtering
    • Upload a CSV file containing a single column of 8-digit telephone numbers (sample). Click here for more details on bulk filtering file formats.
    • Results will be available within 24 hours. An email and/or SMS will be sent to notify you when the results are ready. The following files will be available for download:

      • Filtered Numbers - The list of submitted numbers together with their status in each Register. Rejected numbers will not be listed in this file. (sample)
      • Summary - A summary of the submission. (sample)
      • On Behalf List - The list of organisations that you are conducting the check on behalf of, as at the time of submission. This file will be empty if your On Behalf List is empty. (sample)
      • Rejected Numbers - The list of submitted numbers that could not be processed, together with the reasons. (sample)

Telephone numbers submitted will be checked against all three DNC Registers. Results returned from the DNC Registry are valid for up to 21 days. Once this has lapsed, please perform another check against the DNC Registry if your organisation intends to continue its telemarketing activities.

Fees for Checking the DNC Registry

There will be a charge for each number checked, regardless of whether the number had been submitted previously. Free credits will be used first to offset any charges, followed by purchased credits.

You can purchase credits via the Prepaid scheme or make payment directly using the Pay-per-use scheme.

Prepaid Scheme

  • Purchase credits in advance or when there are insufficient remaining credits.
  • One credit will be deducted for each telephone number checked.
  • Purchased credits are valid for three years.


No. of Credits

(inclusive of 9% GST) 

Price Per Number
(inclusive of 9% GST)

























Pay-per-use Scheme

  • Pay a fee each time to submit telephone numbers for checking against the DNC Registry.
  • The minimum charge is $10 and prices are rounded to the nearest cent.

Qty of Valid Numbers Submitted

Price Per Number
(inclusive of 9% GST)

1 - 4,999




Payment can be made online using credit/direct debit cards. Offline payment options via telegraphic or bank transfer are available upon request for transactions involving $5,000 or more. Pre-paid credits purchased using this option will only be credited after payment has been processed by the PDPC.