Personal Data Protection Week 2021

Start Date

14 Sep 2021

End Date

17 Sep 2021


12:00 AM


Virtual Event

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The PDP Week will kick off with the anchor PDP Seminar graced by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister of Communications and Information, and will feature two panel discussions with distinguished speakers to share real world examples of harnessing data to derive useful insights and how organisational accountability can be strengthen through effective management of data breaches.

Look forward to a series of workshops and joint sessions within the week that are designed to provide practical guidance on responsible data use, and opportunities of thought leadership exchanges pertaining to regional and global data trends.

Please note that some featured events have their own dedicated registration sites.

Featured Events

PDP Seminar
TUESDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Organised by: Personal Data Protection Commission

With data taking centre stage in today’s digital era, having reliable and quality data helps you make informed decisions to gain a competitive edge.

Themed Driving a Data Driven Culture, the PDP Seminar 2021 returns with a focus to empower businesses to start using and harnessing data at hand, and to strengthen organisational accountability to stay resilient in the digital economy. Hear from our line-up of distinguished speakers as they share how they harness data to derive useful insights, and how to better prepare to respond to data breaches effectively.


2:30pm  Opening Remarks by GOH

2:40pm  Launch of the Better Data Driven Business Programme

2:45pm  Panel: Harnessing the Power of Data: From Insights to Action

 Garry_Profile Pic Marcus from Kearea
 Mr Garry Chee Mr Marcus Foong 
 Assistant Vice President, Business and Product Development, Plover Trip  Business Owner, Kearea
 Sandeep Gulati  Genie Osorio
 Mr Sandeep Gulati  Ms Genie Osorio
 Head, Business Analytics, NTUC Link  Director, Strategy & Insights, Hanbaobao (Licensee of McDonald's)
 Zee Kin
 Mr Yeong Zee Kin (Moderator)
 Deputy Commissioner, Personal Data Protection Commission

3:35pm  Panel: Data Breaches – Not If, But When

 Goh Lee San Hoi Wai Khin 3R 
Ms Goh Lee San   Mr Hoi Wai Khin
Senior Manager, Risk Management, DPO, PacificLightPower Pte. Ltd.  Director, Business Consulting, RSM
 Tam Meida 
Mr Tam Huynh   Ms Meida Wong
 EXCO, Association of Information Security Professionals (AISP)  Governance, Risk and Compliance & DPO, DataPost Pte. Ltd.
 Derek Ho (2)
 Mr Derek Ho (Moderator)

 Senior VP and Assistant General Counsel, Privacy and DP, Mastercard

Data Protection Advisory Committee Member, PDPC


4:25pm  Closing Remarks

4:30pm  End of Programme

Strengthening Accountability through the Amended PDPA
TUESDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 7:30pm– 9:00pm
Organised by: Healthcare Services Employees' Union

In today’s interconnected digital economy, individuals are increasingly cautious about how organisations are using and managing their personal data. Adopting an accountable and responsible management of personal data would elevate an organisation’s business competitiveness and strengthens the trust and assurance with its customer. The sharing session covers the application of the PDPA to the healthcare sector, how healthcare institutions can demonstrate accountability towards data management and protection, as well as recent amendments to the PDPA.


From Data to Insights: Why and How?
WEDNESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 9:30am – 11:30am
Organised by: NTUC Learning Hub and the Infocomm Media Development Authority

Any company of any size can benefit from data. Visualise how being data-driven looks like for your organisation, and learn about the steps you can take to kick-start your journey to move towards a data-driven organisation.


9:30am  Being data-driven: Is it just hype?

10:00am  Visualising and benefiting from data

10:30am  Jumpstart your data journey with the BDDB Tool

11:00am  Discussion and Q&A

11:30am  End of Programme

NTUC LearningHub     IMDA logo

From Backroom to Boardroom: Elevating Data Privacy as a Priority for Corporate Leadership
WEDNESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Organised by: Centre for Information Policy Leadership, Singapore Institute of Directors and the Personal Data Protection Commission

In recent years, data privacy has become an increasingly important issue to corporate boards and the C-suite. Data is now a key organisational asset for every organisation and it must be protected to ensure compliance with an ever-growing number of data privacy laws. Data privacy is also becoming a critical value to consumers, business partners and shareholders and a lack of focus and leadership in this area can have devastating consequences for commerce, reputation and investment.

This joint roundtable will convene a discussion on the importance of data privacy for corporate leadership and how organisations can drive data privacy accountability to ensure responsible and beneficial use of data. We will also examine how organisations can move beyond viewing data privacy as a legal compliance cost and look at it through a competitive advantage and business enabler lens.


1:00pm  Opening Remarks

1:10pm  Discussion 1: Driving Data Privacy Accountability to Board Level

2:00pm  Discussion 2: Data Privacy: A Business Enabler and Competitive Advantage Beyond Compliance

2:50pm  Closing Remarks

3:00pm  End of Programme

CIPL 20th Anniversary Logo     SID       PDPC_Primary Logo_colour-01

The Rise of Conversational Commerce: Connecting Consumers with Brands Effectively and Responsibly
WEDNESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Organised by: Data-Driven Marketing Association of Singapore, WhatsApp and the Personal Data Protection Commission

With digitalisation and the growth of eCommerce, consumers are increasingly relying on technology and messaging apps to communicate and transact. How then can businesses leverage on this to connect with consumers more effectively and responsibly?

This joint webinar shares on the importance of being transparent in data policies and communications with consumers in the digital space, and how tools such as the WhatsApp business API could help businesses connect their brands with consumers effectively and responsibly.


4:00pm  Communicating with transparency and accountability

4:15pm  Introduction to WhatsApp API and how the new privacy policy works

4:30pm  Panel: Implications to businesses and customers in the new age of conversational commerce

5:10pm  Q&A

5:30pm  End of Programme

WhatsApp_Logo_1    DMAS new logo

Privacy in a New Tech World
THURSDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER 10:00am – 12:00pm
Organised by: AsiaDPO

The workshop will require participants to work together and think about potential challenges that may be facing us as DPOs in the future.

Participants will tackle one of two scenarios on blockchain and human augmentation. No preparation is necessary – just come with an open mind and ready to think and engage with fellow participants. It promises to be a fun and engaging workshop, encouraging us to think outside the box on what may be in the realms of possibility for us as DPOs.


10:00am  Welcome and Introduction

10:10am  Scenario breakout

11:50am  Wrap Up and Closing

12:00pm  End of Programme

*Priority will be given to in-house DPOs.

Exploring Trends: From “Consent-Centric” Frameworks to Responsible Data Practices and Privacy Accountability in Asia Pacific
THURSDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Organised by: Future of Privacy Forum and Asian Business Law Institute

In Asia like elsewhere, obtaining the user’s consent has long been considered the basis of any regulatory and compliance approach to data protection. Today, this approach is called into question, and alternatives exist which hold many promises. This seminar brings together some of the best regional experts who will identify the challenges posed by the extensive use of notice & consent in Asia Pacific. They will analyse existing alternatives like “legitimate interests” or similar concepts, and explore the diversity of solutions that policymakers may use to create a sustainable balance between accountability and individual protection in APAC.


2:00pm  Opening Remarks

2:10pm  Panel: Switching from a consent-centric approach to privacy accountability: a comparative view of APAC data protection laws

2:55pm  Panel: Shaping choices in the digital world: how consent can become meaningful again

3:40pm  Q&A

3:50pm  Concluding Remarks

4:00pm  End of Programme

FPF_logo_RGB     ABLI LOGO Without tagline
How to Harness Your Personal Data – Improving or Digitalising Your Business
FRIDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER 10:00am – 12:30pm
Organised by: Cybersecurity and Data Protection Committee and The Law Society of Singapore

As businesses digitalise and innovate, it is important to recognise that personal data is a valuable asset and that digitalisation also presents opportunities.

However, in order to enable greater use and harnessing of data confidently, it is necessary to understand how the PDPA framework applies to business improvement, innovation, and digitalisation and what this means in practical terms.

This workshop will explore how to navigate and make use of rules in the PDPA to support your company in these efforts, and what steps should be undertaken.


10:00am  Opening Remarks

10:10am  Sharing on Data as an asset and aspects of the PDPA that are relevant to business improvement, innovation or digitalisation

10:20am  Facilitated group discussions

11:20am  Regroup and discussions

12:20pm  Concluding Remarks

12:30pm  End of Programme

*Priority will be given to in-house DPOs.

LawSoc logo Col HR 
Practical Privacy: Operationalising the Data Governance Life Cycle
FRIDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Organised by: International Association of Privacy Professionals

Proper data governance within organisations collecting and processing personal information is no longer something that should be happening — to survive and thrive in today’s increasingly online world it must be done. There is a legal floor that should be met to avoid costly fines from regulators, and proper data stewardship principles and practices that must be put into place to maintain consumer trust and the avoidance of brand damage through costly data breaches. Given the volume of data most medium to large sized global organisations collect, process and store, and the speed with which that data is managed, effective and efficient human and technological systems must be put into place and regularly updated and maintained. So how can organisations accomplish these challenging tasks?

Join our panel of experienced privacy professionals from the Asia-Pacific region and hear them share with you their hard-earned insights and tips on how you can build and maintain a well-functioning privacy program within your organisation.

Topics covered will include:

  • Discussion of existing and emerging privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Anonymisation, deidentification and differential privacy, what they are and how to effectively employ them
  • Managing consent and tracking in a cookie-less future
  • Setting up a privacy program from the ground up
  • Choosing a standards framework: APEC CBPR or ISO 27701, and more

Time will be reserved for audience questions.


Limited capacity for all tracks. PDPC and its partners reserve the rights on the acceptance and confirmation of registrants for the respective tracks. Successful registrants will receive an email confirmation by 8 September 2021 and respective Zoom links on 13 September 2021.