Cyber Safety Issue 4 Now Available

15 Mar 2018

We are pleased to share that the fourth issue of Cyber Safety is now available and will be delivered to all primary schools in Singapore over the next two weeks.

This issue follows the story of a boy named Ervin. Jealous of his classmate Sarah's popularity, Ervin creates a fake social media account in Sarah's name and posts mean comments about their classmates to defame her. His actions lead him into the 'cyber world', where he discovers the true impact of his actions through our heroes Crypto and Synthia. To return to the real world, Crypto and Synthia assigns Ervin tasks of correcting unsafe online practices of others in the cyber world. Through correcting the online actions of other children, Ervin learns valuable lessons about phishing links, sharing personal information online, as well as downloading apps from unofficial sources. Ervin earns the chance to return to the real world, and apologises to Sarah for his actions. He repents and goes on to become a champion of cyber safety, teaching his classmates ways to improve their online habits. 

View the fourth issue of Cyber Safety here.