Broad Comparison of the PDPA's Consent and Exceptions to Consent Provisions with EU GDPR's Six Legal Bases for Processing Personal Data

This infographic provides a broad comparison between the EU GDPR’s legal bases for processing of personal data, with the consent and the exceptions to consent under the enhanced PDPA that came into effect on 1 February 2021. The infographic is intended to assist DPOs who have to do a mapping of the PDPA and EU GDPR for their internal compliance programmes, and does not provide an interpretation nor confirmation of the EU GDPR’s applicability.

Access the infographic here.

For more information on the EU GDPR, please refer to the EU GDPR text and the resources issued by the European regulators on the interpretation of the EU GDPR. Where further assistance is required, organisations are advised to seek professional legal advice to ensure compliance with the EU GDPR.