E-Learning Corporate Account

Organisations are encouraged to educate all their employees on the PDPA and the importance of protecting personal data. The PDPA e-Learning Programme provides a free, convenient platform for employees to learn about key obligations under the PDPA. 

Organisations keen to evaluate their employees’ understanding of the PDPA may get their Data Protection Officer (DPO) to register for a free Corporate Account.

Creating a Corporate Account

Step 1:

Only an organisation’s DPO(s) may apply for a Corporate Account. Ensure you are already registered as a DPO with either

  • ACRA (for ACRA registered organisations) or
  • PDPC (for non-ACRA registered organisations)

Find out more on DPO.

Step 2:  Create an Admin account within the Assessment Module.
Step 3:  Create and manage user accounts* for your organisations’ employees.

Admin Account

Admins may perform the following functions:

  • Create user accounts for the organisation’s employees.
  • View and retrieve results of the registered employees who have completed the assessment(s).
  • Designate another employee (i.e. non-DPO) to administer these functions.

*Note: Organisations should notify participating employees for the collection, use and disclosure of their assessment scores.

For any queries, please contact industry@pdpc.gov.sg.