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Cyber Safety Issue 5 Now Available

01 Feb 2019

Following the first four issues of the student activity book series, Cyber Safety, we are pleased to announce that the fifth issue is now available.


Cyber Safety Issue #5 follows the story of two friends – Chloe and Jonas. In an attempt to outperform each other for a school presentation, Chloe downloaded photos from a fraudulent website, carelessly providing her personal information when she created an account. Unaware that the email she received from the website was a phishing email, she clicked on the link which resulted in phishing emails sent to her classmates. Jonas, on the other hand, downloaded music files from an unverified source which led to his laptop being infected with virus. Unable to open his presentation file, he turned to Chloe and accused her of sabotaging his presentation. At the same time, other students also confronted Chloe about the phishing emails they received from her. Detecting the breach, Crypto and Synthia appeared to help resolve Chloe and Jonas’ cyber mistakes. They taught Chloe the steps to creating a strong password and ways to identify a phishing email, and helped Jonas install an anti-virus software to remove the virus from his laptop. Chloe and Jonas were able to deliver their presentations in time and our cyber heroes save the day once again!


View the fifth issue of Cyber Safety here.



Last updated on 01 February 2019