A Proposed Model AI Governance Framework

The PDPC presents the first edition of a Model AI Governance Framework (Model Framework) - an accountability-based framework to help chart the language and frame the discussions around harnessing AI in a responsible way.

The Model Framework translates ethical principles into practical measures that can be implemented by organisations deploying AI solutions at scale. Through the Model Framework, we aim to promote AI adoption while building consumer confidence and trust in providing their personal data for AI.

Guiding Principles

Checkbox tickDecisions made by AI should be
Checkbox tickAI systems should be

From Principles to Practice

Building   internal structuresChecklist   risk managementCogs   Ops managementPeople   customer management
 Internal Governance
Structures & Measures
 Risk Management in
AI Decision-making
 Operations Management

 Customer Relationship

Access the primer of the framework here and the Model Framework here.

Pilot Adoption and Feedback

We encourage organisations to use this Model Framework for internal discussion and implementation. Trade associations and chambers professional bodies and interest groups are welcome to use this document for their discussions, and adapt it for their own use.

The way in which businesses employ AI continues to evolve and so will this living document in the form of future editions.

To this end, we welcome organisations to share with us:

  • Practical examples that would aid in illustrating section(s) of the Model Framework;
  • Experiences in implementing the Model Framework, e.g. how easy it is to implement the measures, how the framework can be better improved, or a helpful case of implementation that we may publish as a use case; or
  • Any other feedback that you may have on this document.

Please email your feedback by 30 June 2019 to corporate@pdpc.gov.sg.

Last updated on 28 June 2019