Practical Guidance Provided by PDPC

The PDPC provides Practical Guidance to organisations that seek clarity on the application of the PDPA under specific situations. The guidance promotes greater understanding of the personal data protection provisions in relation to the PDPA. Practical Guidance will usually be published on PDPC’s website with the name of the organisation and any information specific or confidential to the organisation redacted.



25 Jan 2019

Application of the Advisory Guidelines on the Personal Data Protection Act for NRIC and other National Identification Numbers to operational and business processes of the Union

Guidance on whether the Union may collect individuals’ NRIC numbers at the outset when they sign up for union membership, for the purpose of providing services to members that would require their NRIC numbers.

23 May 2018

Whether Management Corporation Strata Titles may disclose the contact details of subsidiary proprietors to Collective Sales Committees

Guidance on factors that are relevant in assessing whether Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) may disclose the telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses of subsidiary proprietors to Collective Sales Committees for the purpose of contacting these subsidiary proprietors on enbloc sale matters.

25 Aug 2016

What is considered “impracticable” when seeking consent of individuals under the research exception, and use of anonymised data within an organisation

Guidance on factors that are relevant in assessing what is “impracticable” under paragraph 2(b) of the Third Schedule to the PDPA, and clarification on the use of anonymised data in circumstances where the “key” to re-identification resides with another department within the organisation.This document incorporates both the Practical Guidance, as well as the subsequent clarification provided on the Practical Guidance to the Medical Research Institution.

28 Dec 2015

Whether randomly generated numbers are considered personal data

Guidance on the application of the Data Protection and Do Not Call Provisions under the PDPA to the use of randomly generated 8-digit numbers to send SMS marketing messages.

18 Dec 2015

Whether research conducted for government agencies is considered “clearly in the public interest” under the research exception

Guidance on whether research conducted for the government agencies such as Ministries and statutory boards would be considered research that is “clearly in the public interest” under paragraph 2(d) of the Third Schedule and paragraph 4(d) of the Fourth Schedule.

Last updated on 25 Jan 2019