Laws Requiring Collection of NRIC Number by Organisations

This list provides a summary of common scenarios where private sector organisations may be required to collect an individual's NRIC or other national identification number under the law.

The list, including the links, below are updated as at 5 March 2019. An organisation is reminded to ensure compliance with the prevailing laws.

Note: This list (including the links to the relevant legislation) is not exhaustive and its content are for general reference only. The contents of the list are not intended to be an authoritative statement of the law or a substitute for legal advice. The PDPC makes no express or implied warranties of accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect to the contents of the list. The PDPC, the Info-communications Media Development Authority and their respective members, officers, and employees shall not be responsible for any inaccuracy, error or omission in this list or liable for any damage or loss of any kind as a result of any use of or reliance on this list. The PDPC reserves the right to modify, add to, derogate from or vary its position in respect of any legislation or regulations referred to in the list at any time in the PDPC's sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.



Casino Control Act

Casino Control (Internal Controls) Regulations 2013

To combat money laundering and terrorism financing, a casino operator must carry out customer due diligence measures before opening a patron account or performing any transaction for any patron account, or any cash transaction or deposit. All records obtained through such customer due diligence must be kept, including copies or records of any identification document (e.g. a copy of an NRIC).

Access the full Regulations here.

Child Care Centres Act

Child Care Centres Regulations (Cap. 37A, RG 1)

A licensed child care centre must keep a record of the child's particulars, including a photostated copy of the child's birth certificate or other identifying documents. This must be kept for a period of 3 years from the date of the child's withdrawal from the child care centre.

Access the full Regulations here.

Employment Act

Employment (Employment Records, Key Employment Terms and Pay Slips) Regulations 2016 (S 148/2016)

An employer must maintain employment records of employees covered by the Employment Act, which includes their NRIC number or foreign identification number.

Access the full Regulations here.

Hotels Act

Hotels Licensing Regulations (Cap. 127, R1)

A hotel must require every guest seeking accommodation in the hotel to furnish his/her full name, nationality and the number in the NRIC, passport or other travel document or personal identification document belonging to the guest.

Access the full Regulations here.

Income Tax Act

Income Tax Act (Cap. 134)

All individual donors are required to provide their Unique Identification Number (UIN), such as NRIC or FIN, to Institutions of Public Character (IPCs) if they wish to claim tax deductions on their donations to these institutions.

Access the full Regulations here. For more information, please refer to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website here.

Massage Establishments Act

Massage Establishment Rules 2018 (S96/2018)

A licensee of a massage establishment must require a client to furnish his or her NRIC number or the particulars of his or her passport travel document before providing any massage services. The licensee must enter the client's information in a register and keep the register for at least a year.

Access the full Rules here.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Notices

Notices on Prevention of Money-Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Notices FAA-N06 / PSOA-N02 / SFA03AA-N01 / SFA04-N02 / SFA13-N01 / TCA-N03 / 314 / 626 / 824 / 1014 / 3001)

For the purposes of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, financial institutions are to exercise due diligence when dealing with customers, natural persons appointed to act on the customer's behalf, connected parties of the customer and beneficial owners of the customer. Financial institutions are required to verify the identity of such parties by obtaining, among other information, the NRIC, birth certificate or passport number of the party.

Access the various Notices here.


Notices on Property Loans (Notices 115 / 632 / 645 / 825 / 831 / 1106 / 1115

In relation to determining (I) qualification for re-financing exceptions and (ii) if the borrower(s) is an occupant of a property, financial institutions are required to obtain, amongst other documents, a front and back copy of the NRIC of the borrower(s).

Access the Notices here (note: equivalent notices are replicated for merchant banks, finance companies and direct insurers):


Notice 642 on Motor Vehicle Loans

Borrowers who are physically disabled or who are caregivers of the physically disabled can be exempted from the motor vehicle financing restrictions. Prior to granting the loan, financial institutions are accordingly required to obtain and submit to MAS the relevant documents, including the front and back copy of the NRIC of the physically disabled persona and his caregiver, where applicable, for MAS' confirmation that the borrower is eligible for the exclusion from the financing restrictions.

Access the Notice here (note: equivalent notices are replicated for merchant banks and finance companies).

Payroll Tax Act

Payroll Tax Regulations (Cap. 223, R1)

An employer liable to pay tax must maintain details of its employees, including their NRIC number.

Access the full Regulations here.

Private Education Act

Private Education Regulations 2009 (Act 21 of 2009)

Registered private education institutions are required to keep proper records of the NRIC or foreign identification number of their students, as well as the NRIC number or passport number of their teachers, managers, Academic Board members and Examination Board's members.

Access the full Regulations here.

Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act

Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Regulations (Cap. 248, R1)

A private hospital, medical clinic or healthcare establishment must maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date medical records with patients' particulars, which includes NRIC numbers.

Access the full Regulations here.

Road Traffic Act

Road Traffic Act (Cap. 276)

A company, a partnership or an unincorporated body that owns a vehicle shall keep proper and accurate record of each occasion it permits any person to drive the motor vehicle. This record shall include, among other information, the NRIC or passport number of the person permitted to drive the motor vehicle.

Access the full Act here.


Road Traffic (Driving Instructors and Driving Schools) Rules (Cap. 276, R 16)

Licensed driving schools must maintain a record of every person receiving instruction from the driving school, including the person's NRIC number.

Access the full Rules here.


Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) Rules (Cap. 276, R 14)

Holders of a private car licence must keep a register in which information, including the NRIC number of the individual employed by the holder to drive the private hire car, is recorded.

Separately, a licensed school bus operator must keep, amongst other information, the NRIC numbers of the adults (other than school staff and the driver) conveyed on the vehicle.

Access the full Rules here.



Skills Development Levy Act

Skills Development Levy Regulations (Cap. 306, RG 2)

An employer that is liable to pay levy must maintain details of its employees, including their NRIC number.

Access the full Regulations here.

Telecommunications Act

Services-Based Operations (SBO) Licence and Facilities-Based Operations (FBO) Licence

In order to provide certain telecommunication services, telecommunications service providers are required under the SBO or FBO licence to maintain records that include the NRIC numbers, Foreign Identification Numbers or passport numbers of their subscribers. Examples of such telecommunication services are:

  1. public internet access services;
  2. mobile telecommunication services; and
  3. IP telephony services. 

Access the full SBO Licence Template here. The same licence conditions would apply to both SBO and FBO licencees providing the applicable services.

Last updated on 05 March 2019