Sector Specific Advisory Guidelines

The following advisory guidelines issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) should be read in conjunction with the document titled “Introduction to the Guidelines”, including the disclaimers set out therein. 

The Introduction provides an overview of the PDPA and the effect and purpose of the PDPC’s advisory guidelines. In particular, please note that these advisory guidelines indicate the manner in which the PDPC will interpret provisions of the PDPA and are not legally binding on the PDPC or any other party.

The PDPC recognises that industry sectors may have unique sector-specific issues and has therefore developed sector-specific advisory guidelines to address such issues. These advisory guidelines were developed based on queries and feedback that the PDPC receives from time to time from and relating to members of the respective industries, and in close collaboration with the relevant sector regulators.

The Guidelines published to date are:

  1. Advisory Guidelines for the Telecommunication Sector (published on 16 May 2014)
  2. Advisory Guidelines for the Real Estate Agency Sector (published on 16 May 2014)
  3. Advisory Guidelines for the Education Sector (published on 11 Sep 2014)
  4. Advisory Guidelines for the Healthcare Sector (updated on 28 March 2017)

    The Guidelines have been revised to provide further clarity on the use of personal data to send reminder messages to individuals.
  5. Advisory Guidelines for the Social Service Sector (published on 11 Sep 2014)
  6. Advisory Guidelines on In-vehicle Recordings by Transport Services for Hire (updated on 22 May 2018) *NEW*

Please refer to the Public Consultation for the Guidelines here.

Last updated on 21 May 2018