Enhanced PDPA for Consumers


Enhanced Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

The PDPA, which regulates organisations’ proper management of personal data, has been enhanced to better protect your personal data while providing organisations with clearer options to analyse customer data to innovate and improve consumer products and services. 

This means providing you with more control over your personal data while at the same time strengthening regulations and enforcement for organisations to be accountable in collecting and using your data.

How the PDPA Helps and Protects You

The enhanced PDPA continues to prioritise and protect your data interests and gives you greater convenience over your personal data. Here’s what you can expect as a consumer with the introduction of the new amendments:

 How the Enhanced PDPA Will Benefit You (body) 


Learn more about the enhanced PDPA via the resources below.

The PDPA - 2012 vs 2020
The PDPA - 2012 vs 2020 (thumbnail)
The difference that the enhanced PDPA makes, through the eyes of Jane, a customer.

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