Complaints and Reviews

In order to ensure that we get all the information related to your complaint or review application, please click on the relevant links below. The links will guide you in lodging a complaint or applying for a review with us, and the process should take approximately 10 minutes. Please have your SingPass ID and password ready to submit a complaint or review application. 



For breaches on collection, use, disclosure and protection of personal data, or reviews on access and correction


For unsolicited marketing calls, text messages or faxes


For marketing calls and text messages related to unlicensed loans or online gambling

Data incidents involving government agencies or government data

The Data Protection Provisions under the PDPA apply to private sector organisations. Protection of personal data in the public sector (i.e. “government data”) is governed by the Public Sector (Governance) Act (PSGA). In the private sector, organisations are expected to be individually accountable for the personal data in its possession, while the public sector functions as one entity and manages data as a common resource to deliver public service to its citizens.

To report data incidents involving government agencies or government data, please contact the Government Data Security Contact Centre via, email, or call +65 6383 0117.