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Data protection and data innovation are not mutually exclusive and can be compared to twin engines of a plane - both must work equally well for the plane to take off. Effective and trusted data use will serve to help businesses remain competitive in the digital economy.

The driving force behind personal data protection

With data as currency in today’s digital economy, Deputy Commissioner of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) and Assistant Chief Executive (Data Innovation and Protection Group) of IMDA Mr Yeong Zee Kin shares how data can be leveraged to spur innovation while protecting consumer interests.
(Published in IMDA's IMPact News, 25 January 2022)

A practical guide to protecting against cyberattacks

With IMDA’s easy-to-use handbook and checklists, companies can better understand common cybersecurity concerns and find out how they can effectively protect against data breaches.
(Published in IMDA's IMPact News, 9 November 2021)

New Resource

Overview of Legislations on Cybersecurity, Personal Data Protection and Computer Misuse

Jointly developed by CSA, PDPC & SPF, this handbook explains the three different legislations and how they work in tandem, illustrated through examples of data breaches. It also provides online resources to assist organisations in securing their IT systems and help individuals protect their data.

Commission's Decisions

Jan 2022
Breach of the Protection and Accountability Obligations by Nature Society (Singapore)

A financial penalty of $14,000 was imposed on Nature Society (Singapore) for breaches of the PDPA. First, the organisation failed to put in place reasonable measures to protect personal data on its website database. Second, it did not appoint a data protection officer. Lastly, it did not have written policies and practices necessary to comply with the PDPA.

Undertaking by JT Legal LLC

An undertaking was issued to JT Legal LLC for failing to put in place reasonable security to protect the personal data in its possession. The incident resulted in personal data being downloaded.

Read more Commission's Decisions here

Help and Resources for DPO

Resources for organisations to develop good data protection practices in their ICT system and processes to improve their cybersecurity resilience as well as capabilities in data breach prevention.
Designed with built-in data protection practices, the BI tool is a user-friendly tool that helps businesses convert data into visual dashboards to address five common business objectives.
Complementing the BI tool, the Interactive Guide offers a useful step-by-step guide on learning how to use data to make better business decisions.